Little Fishes Pre-School, Brackley

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'Teachers, you've become an extension of our family'
'We couldn't have dreamt that someone who wasn't biologically their mum could love the children like you do.'
'Thank you for loving them, caring for them, guiding them with God's love, respecting their individuality, supporting and listening to our needs.'
'Little Fishes is not just a pre-school - you ladies make it family; and I'm sure the children see it as 'home' - a place where they feel love, respect and safe.'
'A massive thank you to you all for making ****'s time at Little Fishes so special and for all the support you have given us both.'
'You have always been there to support us in every way, always there to listen and smile and care. You are without doubt the most wonderful pre-school I have ever encountered.'
' all run a wonderful school and take such good care of the children; in all areas you make them feel special and important and the parents so welcome.'